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23 December 2010

Hello and Welcome to my Online Diaries : )


Hi guys !
Alhamdulillah , dapat jugak aku buat blog ney .

Yela , selalu baca ja orang punya kan .
Tengok seronok ja baca story-II orang .
Cerita macam-II pasal life lah , kongsi ilmu lah and everything lah !
Hehehehe .
So now I got my own blog : )
Baru nak belajar-II , hope nanti blog aku akan jadi cool macam orang lain jugak .
Takmau famous just cool sudah , ehee xD

Wawwa | LAVENDER♥ Official Diary Online


You guys can call me chibby for short .
 I'm 23y/o this year [2017]
 Ex Student : Tarcisian Convent in Ipoh (Arts Stream) & TAJ International College Ipoh (Dip. in Beauty Management)♥ Just finish my study in Nov 2016 . Taking Certificate Level II in Cashiering at 7-Eleven Malaysia Training Center .
 My Dream : I want to be a Beauty Therapist :)
 I'm a friendly person .
 A good friend but a worst enemy !
 I like guys who have a Sense of Humor . Make me laugh and I'll loveyouforever . And Iloveyou if you know how to appreciate me 

What Else ?
- Umm , I generally a happy go lucky person .
- I love to go karaoke with my Besties/Family .
- Always make people around me laughing with my jokes .
- I'm a type of person who loves to talking so much . The best part is when i talk a lot #gossip time bebehh . I forget about everything else and can just enjoy the moment with my friendss . Ngehh ! xD

Others that you should need to know about me :
- I love about beauty .
- I don't smoke , I don't drink .
- Just an ultimate coffee freakkk .
- I do not like outdoor sports .
- I'm not pretty much .
- I don't think I am above anyone else . I have flaws . Sangats banyak !
- I'm open-minded and a matured person . I can tell .
- In fact , I don't care how much I own seriously .

My Precious : Family , Besties and Friendss . Truly and Honestly , IlovethemlikeHEAVENmuchmuch ! Without them , I'm NOTHING

terima kasih sebab baca - thank you for reading :) )

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